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May 11

Is Your Coffee Cup Hurting the Planet?

“Saving the earth” might sound like an insurmountable task, but it really comes down to making sensible choices. Sometimes, the things we do each day can have a major effect on the health of the planet in ways we don’t even realize. For instance, coffee helps many of us jump-start our day and prepare for …

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Apr 16

The Real Cost of Bottled Water for You and The Environment

An easy way to go green is switching from disposable water bottles to reusable bottles. Making this choice is better for the environment, your body and your wallet. Ninety percent of bottled water’s cost comes from making the bottle. In addition to the 2.5 million tons of carbon dioxide released into the atmosphere every year, …

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Jan 27

9 Common Mistakes You Should Avoid When Recycling

You probably know that recycling is one of the most important and effective ways to reduce your carbon footprint and protect the environment. But do you know how much recyclable material is improperly disposed of here in the United States everyday? All those used tires, car batteries, old clothes, and paper waste ends up in …

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Dec 21

Should You Repair or Replace Your AC Unit

To repair or to replace: that is the question. When it comes to repairing, or replacing your AC Unit, what factors should you take into consideration? The last thing you want is to make a bad or uninformed decision with this type of investment. There are many variables to consider. First, you will need to …

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Dec 20

Must-Have Apps for Nature Lovers

Nowadays there are lots of apps designed explicitly for nature lovers. Sometimes if we want to see wildlife in their natural habitat, we need to go and find it. Luckily for us there are now tons of apps that can help you do just that. When the stresses of life get to be too much, …

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Dec 02

Did You Know You Really Could Save The Planet?

We bet you’ve heard of the idea that one person can make all the difference when changing the world of today. This concept seems to crop up a lot with regards to the environment and what we can do to stop global warming. But just how accurate is it? As it turns out, there’s quite …

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Aug 10

Going Green in the Garden with Compost Direct

Leading compost and garden supply company Compost Direct has created a visual to help you go green in your outdoor space. Discussing topics like composting, recycling and growing your own, the infographic shows the small changes you can make to your garden to make it more eco-friendly. In the visual you can learn the following: …

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Mar 10

Infographic: How Ocean Pollution Affects Humans

The ocean is the most beautiful, abundant and diverse ecosystem on the planet, however every day it is being attacked from natural and manmade pollution. Every year over 8 million tons of plastic is being dumped into the ocean causing untold damage to marine life, plants and habitats. Did you know that is takes roughly …

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Feb 17

Infographic: Which States Care Most About the Environment

People in different parts of the U.S. are naturally going to have different interests. But you would think there are some topics attractive to everyone; the weather, for example, what movies are playing at the theater, or even how to recycle certain items. decided to take a look at who’s searching Google for common …

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Jan 13

Infographic: How Much Paper is Used in the U.S. in One Day

The amount of paper that is used daily in the United States is shocking.  Although not all of this paper is wasted, it is safe to say that some is. It is important for everyone to start thinking about their paper usage and find ways to decrease it. There are a variety of different activities …

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Jan 06

Going Green: How To Select The Best HVAC Company

Green: The color of a happy environment, more money in your pocket, and the universal sign that you are “good to go.” As far as we’re concerned, the greener, the better. Unfortunately, having an old or faulty HVAC unit can instead put you in the red, costing you more money and creating both a larger carbon …

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Jan 05

How To Build A Super Green And Clean HVAC System

Is your old HVAC system secretly an energy-sucking super villain? That sneaky, leaky old system may be sucking up energy, which eventually creates greenhouse gasses, one of the major air pollutants damaging our environment. Never fear — your local HVAC repair team and their new Energy Star certified units are here to save the day. …

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