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Jun 01

How Long Does Double Glazing Last?

We all want to live greener lives. We recycle and carpool but what else can we do? One of the biggest ways to help the Earth is how we spend our money. Making responsible earth-conscious decisions and purchases can make a huge difference in living a greener life. This is especially true when making major …

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May 01

How Going Green is Possible for Every Small Business

Businesses all over the world are making a conscious effort to adopt eco-friendly practices in their operations. In fact, in the year 2014, around 51% of American companies have announced their targeted greenhouse gas reduction levels. By going green, you not only contribute to the preservation of the environment, but you’re also likely to have …

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Dec 20

5 Environmentally Friendly Kitchen Fixtures

Making your kitchen greener doesn’t require an extensive remodel. A few updates can help you conserve energy and reduce water use. Here are five environmentally friendly kitchen fixtures that will make your kitchen greener.   Reduce energy consumption with LED lighting You’ve probably replaced all the incandescent bulbs in your house with compact fluorescent lights …

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Apr 18

Checklist for Greener Lighting

Lighting technology is evolving to become more energy efficient, but what does this mean for our homes and how can we match the greener technologies with better habits? Here’s a quick checklist to get the most out of green lighting: Can you install dimmers to conserve energy and lengthen the life of bulbs? Consider changing …

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Mar 22

How to Make Your Home More Energy Efficient

energy efficient home

Ever known that right in your own home, you can save money and conserve energy? It’s actually very easy and you’ll most likely be amazed at how much money you can actually save just by following a few energy saving tips. Some tips given might require a little extra effort while others will require you …

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Nov 20

5 Eco Friendly Ways to Prep Your Home for the Winter

If you want your home to be energy efficient, then you need to make changes before the winter season hits. Winter is when homeowners spend the most money on energy costs. This is mainly because it takes a lot of money to heat a home and poor insulation, old heating systems, and out of date …

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Nov 13

5 Simple High-Tech Tips to a Smart Green Home

Using technology to help you manage your home’s energy usage is easier than ever before. High tech solutions to green living are affordable and widely available, and any conscientious homeowner can lower their energy consumption, use clean and renewable sources of power and make the most out of existing materials to make a more efficient, …

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Nov 01

Energy Efficient Kitchens – Green and Cost Effective Home Solutions

In a time of rising energy prices, reducing our home’s energy consumption is becoming a must do for many homeowners. However, making our kitchens more energy efficient goes beyond cheaper utility bills. It also translates to lesser dependence on fossil-based energy sources and reduced carbon footprint. The kitchen is often considered as the heart and …

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Oct 23

Ways to Conserve Energy at Home

In today’s economy, everyone is looking for ways to save some money off their regular costs. A lot of people cut down on the luxuries they used to indulge in, like dinners at fancy restaurants and expensive clothes. Other people make bigger life choices, taking their children out of private school in favor of the …

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Oct 02

How to Conduct an Energy Audit in the Classroom

The first step towards instilling our future leaders with a sense of responsibility where the environment is concerned is to make them aware of the dangers currently facing our planet and the role they can play in either exacerbating the problem or making the situation better. This could include starting a recycling program in the …

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Sep 11

Top Five Green Kitchen Remodeling Tips

The sustainability movement has invaded every room of the house. It’s now commonplace for contractors to inquire before a project whether or not a homeowners wants to “go green” with it. This is good news for the planet, but challenging news for your pocketbook. Kitchen remodels are already some of the most expensive home improvement …

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Aug 24

The Three Best Ways to Give Your Home an Energy Makeover

Sustainability is not only the key to a greener future, but also the key to economic security for your family. Many experts are already hypothesizing that our planet has reached peak oil production. Traditional forms of energy are only going to become more expensive as our supplies continue to dwindle into the next century. If …

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