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Jul 06

What Can Make Moving and Packing Eco-Friendly?

Packaging makes up 30% of landfill waste. Because of this, going package-free (or zero-waste in general) is one of the best options you can have to reduce your impact in landfill. But this is close to impossible while moving to a new house, so the next greatest alternative is using sustainable materials that are just …

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Jun 20

Green Moving Tips

When we think about moving, we usually think about the stress it will cause and money we will spend to complete it. However, we should also think of how much material is used to complete a move, and how much waste it leaves behind. Even though it may not be the first thing that comes …

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Apr 02

Things You Should Remember When Having Movers Move Your House

No matter how much you have tried to avoid the stress, the day when you had to relocate is finally around the corner and it means lot of physical and mental exhaustion. Like many others, it is likely that you might have hired a moving company in Portland to take care of all your moving …

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Mar 14

Key Tips to Finding an Eco-Friendly National Moving Company

If you’re planning to move somewhere far away, chances are you already have a lot of things on your plate. You have to think of how you can get rid of the things that you no longer want while planning on how to host a going away party, and so much more. If you picked …

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Dec 14

Trends You Need to Know on Green Moving and Storage

In this day and age, people relocate for many different reasons. Sometimes they move their families for new jobs, opportunities, or for better social and economic reasons. Whatever the reasons, moving can cause a huge burden on the environment as moving supplies and transportation can leave a huge carbon footprint on the earth. Fortunately, there …

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Mar 25

How to Go Green While Moving?

You want to relocate and this time with a difference. Relocation is inherently tedious and full of hassles. Plus, to do it in a “Go Green way”, adds to the misery. Relocating relates to a lot many things. It starts from arranging a moving service, packing up stuff, loading and unloading. It ends at the …

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Jan 18

Plan Your House Removal UK In The Summer

Summer is the peak season for house removals and with good reason: most people usually have summer break, the weather is generally predictable, removals are easier to manage, traffic isn’t held up by any sudden rain or snow, the driving conditions are conducive even if traffic is a bit more dense than the winters and …

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Jan 11

When You Get a Removal Announcement

There are plenty of things you should consider, when it comes to the awaited or the unexpected removal. Naturally, most of these things are closely connected with the specific tasks such as packing, cleaning, selling the old things or just finding a way to get rid of it. Although, the removal announcement is also an …

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Nov 21

Estimation of the Removal Time Period

People preparing for removals are often willing to estimate the amount of time the removal is likely to last, and also the money involved. Time equals money as we have heard so many times. A frequent mistake most people make is to underestimate the amount of time needed to accomplish the removal. Only people who …

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Nov 20

Relocate the Green Way: Top 5 Eco Friendly Moving Tips

Moving can be such a hectic and stressful experience that loves of eco-conscious folks forget about how they can keep on helping the environment while they relocate. Don’t start slouching now–move into your new home the eco-friendly way by following these 5 crafty tips. Give Up the Clutter One of the best ways to make …

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Nov 14

The Most Common Questions Movers Will Ask You

What does moving houses or offices mean? That is when you decide to change the current place you are living or working at with another. But that is too wide an explanation. Moving really means: classifying your belongings- some of them throwing away and keeping others, packing them into boxes, lifting, loading, unloading, and unpacking …

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Nov 07

Moving Your Office in the Winter

Moving your business can be a really tough task and doing it during winter does not make it any easier. You have to relocate all the offices, all the employees along the whole equipment. Add some steady amount of ice and snow to the picture plus an occasional snowstorm and you are in big trouble. …

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