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Oct 24

How to Remove Stains Without Using Chemicals

When you make a stain on the carpet, especially on a carpet that’s not yours, environment-friendliness is the last thing you’re thinking about, naturally. Of course, whether you’re at home or on vacation, you can always leave to the cleaning lady who’ll probably do a better job than you, like those from However, if this is not …

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Aug 08

Getting Rid of Weeds – Garden Maintenance For Homeowners

There is nothing worse than weeds that can wreck your garden. They are uninvited guests that rob nutrients from plants. Getting rid of them as soon as they appear will pay off in the long run. And moreover, it is believed that weeding can be a therapeutic activity. Enough has been said about avoiding the …

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Oct 31

Safe Smells for Your Home

Everyone loves a good-smelling house. There’s just something comforting about having a home that smells good; it makes you want to spend time in it. Of course, even more important than making your house smell good is keeping it from smelling bad, but sometimes these goals are one and the same. Most commercial products for …

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Oct 23

Five Ways to Make Your Home Winter Weather Friendly

Winter is coming; is your home ready? If you haven’t winterized your home yet, you better get started. Making sure that your home is ready for the winter will ensure that your utility bills won’t skyrocket and your family will be toasty and safe. Here are five ways to make sure that your home is …

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Oct 01

Natural Ways to Clean Jewelry

Jewelry is something that even the most stout environmentalist enjoys. There’s nothing wrong with wanting some beautiful things, as long as you take care of them in an environmentally conscious way. After all, you spend so much time finding jewelry that’s locally made, or causes as small of an impact as possible, and you spend …

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