Eco-Friendly Ways To Clean Your Home

We all love the feeling of peace and order that a clean home gives. However, it’s not perfect when you have to deal with the smell of chemicals hanging in the air after a thorough spring cleaning.  Luckily, there are...

eco-friendly sports

Top Eco-Friendly Sports

If you are a nature lover and environmentally conscious individual who likes staying active, there are top eco-friendly sports you can do and enjoy.  Not all sports are equal. Some of them can cause damage and are offensive to the...


How to be more eco-friendly

Due to environmental issues, we all pay more attention to our life choices with each passing year. But to truly change something, we need to make sure to use more eco-friendly products in every aspect of our lives. It’s not...


Climate Saving Benefits of Tree Planting

As the green fades, red and blue consumes the space. With every falling tree, oxygen production reduces by a certain percentage, sufficient enough to arrest the respiration of a human being. But the risk to the lives of these intelligent...

repurpose old furniture

Repurpose Old Furniture with These Tips

You have an old furniture, but do not know what to do with them? Your garage attic and the basement may be full of them, and you have been thinking of getting rid of them.  You can repurpose old furniture...

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