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Jan 31

Responsible Scrap Car Recycling

If it’s your car we’re talking about, then you owe it to yourself to get the job done properly and not go about it in a half-hearted manner. One thing to keep in mind is that contrary to what people think, all car recycling companies don’t necessarily follow the same rules when it concerns handling …

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Jan 06

5 Ways to Make the Roof of Your Home More Energy Efficient

As many of us are becoming more energy efficient, it’s totally understandable why almost daily, we find ourselves looking for ways to minimize the amount of electricity that we use so that we can save money on our energy bills. Some of these things include purchasing double-pane windows and getting appliances that come with the …

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Nov 19

How to Teach Your Kids to be More Eco-Conscious

If you live in a big city you may feel disconnected from the nature. However, it doesn’t mean you should forget about the environment and you can still be eco-friendly while living in a big city. General over-consumption in big cities leads to pollution and waste and you can teach your children how to take …

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Sep 16

Modern Roofing Options

Roofing styles have not changed much in the last several years, but the types and construction of materials available have. Some are completely new options, while others are updated versions of older styles. Because of the differences in the materials, choosing a roof can be difficult. By looking at the different options available, you can …

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Apr 03

Best Ways to Recycle Your Old Technology

Recycling your old tech is crucial in this day and age. If your old computer parts end up in a landfill site, the ‘heavy metals’ that the components are constructed from are toxic and contain carcinogenic chemicals which are harmless when you’re using them, but dangerous in a landfill. Depending on where you live, there …

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Jan 15

How to Build a Meditation Sanctuary in Your Own Backyard

Do you have a hard time finding peace and tranquility in your own home? Is the clutter and activity of everyday life keeping you from finding the Zen that you crave? Do you desperately need a space that is just yours? Maybe it’s time to think about building yourself a sanctuary. A backyard meditation hut …

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Dec 28

Environmentally Friendly Roofing Options

If one of your year’s goals is to make “upgrades” to your home in order that it can be more energy efficient and you’ve looked up at your roof only to notice that it’s definitely seen better days, then perhaps you should consider purchasing an environmentally friendly roof. If you’re not sure what all of …

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Dec 19

How to Keep Your Property Clean – The Natural Way

Whether your property be your home, or a commercial building, keeping it clean can be a tough job. You may have already encountered some issues with graffiti, paint, chewing gum or even just general dirt and grime. If you want to ensure that your property stays clean, without impacting the environment, then there are some …

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Nov 27

3 Easy DIY Ideas for an Eco Friendly Roof

Are you interested in adding some eco-friendly options to your home, but are not sure how to go about implementing them yourself? Roofing in particular provides you with many opportunities to implement environmentally friendly additions or modifications to your home that can have a profound positive impact on the environment. If you are looking to …

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Oct 10

How to Dispose Garbage in an Eco-friendly Manner

Garbage disposal is often seen as a process of getting rid of the unusable or dirty item in your household or commercial spaces. But it is not that simple to get rid of it as if it doesn’t be properly disposed it will come back to haunt you in the form of affecting the environment …

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Oct 01

Natural Ways to Clean Jewelry

Jewelry is something that even the most stout environmentalist enjoys. There’s nothing wrong with wanting some beautiful things, as long as you take care of them in an environmentally conscious way. After all, you spend so much time finding jewelry that’s locally made, or causes as small of an impact as possible, and you spend …

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Aug 07

How to Reuse Rusty Tools

When exposed to any level of moisture (even humidity in the air) metal tools tend to rust and subsequently lose functionality. Using one of the following rust removal methods will let you restore and reuse rusty tools: Penetrating Lubricant or Rust Remover + Scrub Pad For slightly rusted tools, spray the affected area with a …

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