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Apr 06

Top Three New Technologies to Reduce Residential Carbon Footprint

With the effects of climate change becoming more visible worldwide year after year, it’s no surprise that a variety industries have found ways to capitalize on the powerful wave of eco-consciousness. The impact on the bigger scheme of things can’t always be taken for granted, yet one of the areas where radical changes can bring …

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Sep 07

Think Before You Send Your Trash for Recycling

Regaining Your Footprint As more and more cities and towns have begun recycling programs, we are trying to undo the years of toss and throw. More than 75% of all cities and towns have some sort of recycling program underway but the difference in what is a recyclable and non-recyclable change from city to city. …

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Sep 07

Here’s the Easy Way of Recycling Things

No talks at whatever levels can be as effective in saving the planet as what a mere act of recycling and reusing at individual level can. Recycling is the process of converting waste materials into usable objects. The basic idea behind it is to enable people to avoid the wastage of potentially useful materials and …

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Aug 16

5 Daily Use Items That Can be Recycled for Good

Before you throw something away because you think that it is junk, you should take a good look at it. There are several items that you think are trash, but can be recycled to be used in a different way. If you know how to repurpose certain items, you can be more organized and even …

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Feb 28

Insulated Glass Helps You Keep a Healthy Interior Environment

You might be in preparation stage of what is really going to be your upcoming shopping deals for home renovation or building purposes. Why there is so much use of glass doors, windows and other items is subject to its glitz, gloss and the aristocratic element that it adds at any place. But to maintain …

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Aug 24

How To Recycle, Reuse, and Reduce Every Day

When everyone started climbing on the Recycle, Reuse, Reduce bus I wondered what had taken them so long to realize that we only have one planet and at the rate we’re going it’s going to be used up, worn out and pretty much broken down in a couple of decades. I’ve always been a little …

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Sep 16

Environmentally-Friendly Surrounds for Your Shower and Tub

Everyday rituals may make our lives predictable, yet they somehow give us a comfortable rhythm. Hence, it can be said that they can be boring to do at times. Good thing, however, that there are so many ways to make these rituals fun and special. Showering and bathing, for example, can be made special by …

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Dec 19

How to Keep Your Property Clean – The Natural Way

Whether your property be your home, or a commercial building, keeping it clean can be a tough job. You may have already encountered some issues with graffiti, paint, chewing gum or even just general dirt and grime. If you want to ensure that your property stays clean, without impacting the environment, then there are some …

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Oct 16

Quick Fix Solutions On How To Go Green At Home

You may be wondering, exactly what does it mean to ‘go green’ at home. Well, in simple terms going green means you are contributing to ensuring our environment is properly taken care of. Now some people may put off recycling and such merely because they think that by being more cautious that they could help …

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Oct 10

How to Dispose Garbage in an Eco-friendly Manner

Garbage disposal is often seen as a process of getting rid of the unusable or dirty item in your household or commercial spaces. But it is not that simple to get rid of it as if it doesn’t be properly disposed it will come back to haunt you in the form of affecting the environment …

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Sep 27

Green Alternatives for Kitchen Countertops

Your kitchen’s look and feel is one of the most important parts of your entire home, and the countertops have so much to do with this element that you want to make sure you pick the absolute right ones when you’re getting ready to replace or upgrade them. This can often be one of the …

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Jul 16

Ideas for Decorating With Candles

When people hear of house décor, they often think of furniture arrangement, tapestry and wall decorating. There is a particular form of decoration that often goes unnoticed – decorating with candles. How do candles add to the interior décor? Candles are an affordable form of lighting that can be used for aesthetic functions as well. …

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