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Mar 13

American Power and Gas Takes Corporate Responsibility to the Next Level

What is the primary focus of most businesses in the start up scene? Of course, there’s the bottom line and the drive to make a profit, but the truly great companies also turn an eye toward social responsibility. American Power and Gas does just that. They strive in many ways to support their communities and …

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Feb 07

The Sun is Rising on Solar – Solar Across the US and EU

Solar energy is still a largely untapped resource in the United States. While the past decade has seen a massive increase in solar in both the US and across the world, fossil fuel interests still hold an iron grip on much of the energy market. The benefits of solar energy have been downplayed by many …

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May 05

How To Reduce Your Home Wastage For A Happier Planet

The home can be a substantial source of environmental waste. From food and water to things like electricity and heating gas, the average household could do much better at preventing excessive waste. We produce enormous amounts of waste at home each year. In fact, in only the first four months of this year, there has …

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Jan 29

Power Shortages Due In 2015

There was an interesting news article I read a few years ago warning the UK that they would have major power shortages and outages in 2015, this was according the power regulation Ofgem. Reading further into news reports it is clear that this is not just limited to the UK, many countries are using up …

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Nov 12

Solar Steals the Spotlight: Power To The People

Advocates of solar power enjoyed a huge victory recently, as the renewable energy source accounted for all new electricity generation capacity that was added to the US grid in March of this year.  A new report by the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC) also found that all other energy sources did not manage to contribute …

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Sep 05

Unexpected and Unconventional Alternative Sources of Power

The search for alternative energy sources is an ongoing one. With worldwide supplies of petroleum, coal, and natural gas on the decline, it is imperative that we rely on other sources of power. Luckily, scientists and engineers have already spent many years developing technologies to harness the energies provided by other natural resources. The following …

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Jul 11

Infographic: The Superpowers of Solar Energy

This infographic highlights the ways to help the environment as well as save money with solar energy. Details on solar energy’s popularity, how it gives back and its untapped potential. Source:

Feb 11

Is the Aging Grid to Blame for the Super Bowl Blackout?

Energy is a huge concern, at present. We’re all thinking about what we can be doing to make sure our environment is being protected, as it’s become apparent that the last several decades have seen us failing to do our part when it comes to caring for the planet. Earth is in some trouble, in …

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Dec 20

Storage Heaters And Green Power

The storage heater has found a certain synergy with the newer green technologies that are coming into the energy market and there is a strong possibility that they will find a mutual advantage in putting into place joint central heating systems or even individual heater systems. The storage heater relies on being able to obtain …

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Dec 13

Saying Goodbye to Standby – Top Tips for Cutting Energy Bills and Reducing Carbon Emissions

Whether you’re looking to go green to prevent the severe damage that carbon emissions is causing the environment, or simply want to save a great deal of money on the constantly increasing energy bills, look no further than your own home for the perfect starting point. Recent research by uSwitch suggests that the average annual …

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Nov 12

2 Ways to Generate Green Power for Your Home

Face it! Fossil fuels, the kind of fuel that you are using now is not going to be available forever. When there are no fossils to make fuel, have you thought about what will you do? An increasing number of people are turning to other forms of energy as an alternate to fossil fuels. These …

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Oct 23

Dealing with Flood Damage in the Low Plains

  The risk of flood damage to homes and structures in low plains regions are much higher and can result in costly damages. Although low plains areas are at higher risk, reducing the extent of flood damages or even preventing them all together is possible. Installing a special type of water pump below the structure …

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